4 seasons in one day

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When we woke up, the sun was out. Yay, finally. We could go exploring.
Can you see me? I’m that little dot in the middle, tee hee. I will show you round and you can enjoy the garden with me.
This is a piece of the garden at the front. You can see the woodshed. Daddy loves it.
This is the back of the house with Granny Hennie enjoying the sunshine. This is only a small piece of the garden. It is huge!
Mommy is enjoying the sunshine too. The sun feels different here than it does at home. There everything is sticky and here it is much drier.
Poppy and I are inspecting every square centimetre cause we can’t miss a thing. Every bit of grass has to be sniffed at, every insect has to be scared away, every bird has to be barked at. Heck, we even bark at nothing just for fun.

Mommy and Granny Hennie went to get some more groceries and then it happened….
Monsoon season began. They sat on a bench in the supermarket waiting for the rain to pass, but it just wouldn’t go away. So mommy rain to the car, chucked in the groceries and picked up Granny. At least we have a nice warm fire to dry by. So despite the weather, we’re happy.




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