A day full of surprises

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Today Trish had a very special surprise, so she invited us over for tea. Do you know what the surprise was: a new puppy! Her name is Milly and she’s gorgeous.  DSC09225 (2)Of course we all had to meet her. Daddy was first as he was injured pretty badly.DSC09240And Granny Hennie had to meet her too. As mommy was taking pictures, there is no picture of her with little Milly from this moment, but she had plenty taken later.DSC09242Milly loved all the attention, but in the end she was quite shattered, so she found a quiet place to have a nap.DSC09264A good time for us to have a walk outside along the lovely grounds of Park Hall. We started off with 9 dogs.DSC09310One by one we lost dogs. My daddy Teddy, Suzy Crumble, Poppy, Sasha Baby and Button all disappeared one by one. Some smelt rabbits or deer (we saw a few in the bushes), some went to their human. So in the end, we only had 4 dogs left. Ebony, Freek, Door and myself.DSC09420As I had been such a good girl, I thought it was time for some mischief. So I walked into the donkey area. Last year I saw some chickens there to chase so it seemed like a good idea to check it out.DSC09579But then Poppy started barking at them (Trish had found all the lost dogs and brought them back) and the donkeys got mad. So they put their ears in their necks and I had to run for my life, no kidding! In the afternoon there was another surprise: Barney and Nutmeg were back. As you may remember, Barney and I really (I mean REALLY) liked each other last year.11182705_465351246974969_2265913783263350730_oBarney and Nutmeg’s mommy Alison was back too, as was their Granny Dorothy. But if you take a good look at the picture above, you see that Barney was quite interested in Ebony. Look:10477874_465352863641474_5902917694230031562_oHe broke my heart. And I didn’t even get any attention from my mommy as she was far too busy cuddling Milly.11063787_465350910308336_7680605843994336232_oYou can understand that I felt really sorry for myself that evening.

A sad lick from your Tracey

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