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Woohoo, mommy made a whole new website for me. Maybe you don’t see many changes yet, but there sure are a couple.

New is the option to become a member. Just press the Account tab above and then press register. That way you don’t have to fill in your name and other info when you post a comment.
Maybe this feature will be enhanced later with the ability to send private messages or post your own photos for other members to see, just let me know what you think in the comments below.

Also new is the weekly email update you can receive. Just scroll down to the bottom right of the page and fill in your email address. You’ll get an email once a week if there are new posts. How easy is that?

Some of you said that the link to the site was hard to remember, well, mommy made it easier for you. The new link is:

If there’s any feature you would like to see on this page, please leave a comment below, or if you’re having difficulties with one of the new features, mommy is sure willing to help you.

Lots of love and a big lick from an excited Tracey,




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4 Responses

  1. Nancys
    Nancy Spencer

    Nice to hear from you Tracy, I have missed you, your mummy Jolanda and your cats. Hope you hear again from you soon.

    Nancy and Bogie

    • Tracey

      Hi Nancy and Bogie,

      Mommy is not on FB anymore but she has just made this new website for me. She will post as often as possible here. We’re going away for the weekend tomorrow, so I’m sure she’ll post lots of pictures an videos the coming days.


  2. Avatar
    Maria Braciak

    Hi sweet Tracey a big Kiss from Kiwi and how are you ? We send you a lovely Eastergreeting for you and your Mummy and Daddy and for Hennie and Poppy ! We have made a Easterwalk and the Sun was a Moment with us….
    It is Storm here now and it is raining ….bahhhhhhhh
    All the best for you all and we think at you …..Love Greetings Kiwi with Mummy and Daddy

    • Tracey

      Hi Maria, Willi and Kiwi,

      We just came back from a weekend away in the country so we’re a bit tired now. There was a huge storm so we had to drive really careful. But daddy brought us home safe and sound. Did you have a good weekend?

      Love from Tracey,

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