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Today was a bit less hot than yesterday so we decided to go to Amerongen. You may remember we visited the town in May but then it started to rain (see Dry, rain and then dry and hot again.) Amerongen has an old town center with a lot of typical Dutch houses.Granny and PoppyPeople used to be much smaller than they are today. Daddy would bump his head if we’d live here.Small doorThey also have a castle here, but sadly no dogs were allowed on the grounds.Gates of Castle AmerongenBut they did have a little shop, so mommy went to have a look, while the rest of us waited outside. It took ages before she got back.Yay, mommy's backIt turns out she had bought a present for Granny Hennie (and one for herself ?)Granny's present Because of the heat the humans all took some delicious icecream.Mommy and daddy eating icecreamPoppy would like a lick of it too.Poppy likes icecreamThen it was time to head back cause groceries had to be done.Time to head backTomorrow it will be warmer again and next week we’ll have a heatwave. I’m not looking forward to it at all. Of course I’ll give you all the news.



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