Another hot day

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Well, it’s beginning to sound like a broken record, but it was hot again today. Poppy and I don’t like the heat so we try to find the coolest spot in the house. Trying to cool downBut it isn’t really cool anywhere so Granny Hennie decided to buy a fan, so we can all benefit from it during the day (especially daddy with his bad heart) and Granny can use it in our bedroom at night. Yes, Poppy and I sleep with her in the upstairs bedroom. I like to sleep with Poppy when we’re on holiday. I can sleep with mommy and daddy every day when we’re at home. So this is it: Fan of the fanFor dinner there were all kinds of yummy things. Tapas they call them. Dinner!Of course Poppy and I had a front row seat so we wouldn’t miss a single crumb. Can we have a bite?The weatherman says tomorrow will be the only cooler day, so hopefully we can go for a nice walk in the beautiful surroundings here.

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    Alison Taylor

    Barney and Nutmeg get fanned too in the heat it’s cool don’t you think xxx

    • Tracey

      It was a bit better with the fan, but the nicest was in the evenings just before the sunset or early in the morning. It was just too hot to do anything, xxx

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