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As the weather is still pretty much the same, we thought we’d go and explore the garden again in case we missed anything.Daddy was chopping wood. It is nice and warm during the days but the evenings can be really cold.
My daddy is a silly daddy, he makes me happy.Hey, I discovered something new: fresh, sweet strawberries. They grow on a plant so I stole some.Daddy eats fruit salad every day and I love these red things. So two seconds after this picture was taken, they were in my tummy. Time to do some more sitting in the grass and bark at nothing.Poppy had the same idea.
So then we thought it would be a good idea to sit and watch together, as partners in crime, protecting daddy.
I wish we had a garden like this at home. I guess I just have to nag mommy and daddy more to take me to the beach, tee hee.


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