Back at Park Hall

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On Thursday the 29th of January we took a ride in the car. Mummy had been busy for days putting clothes in a suitcase and putting a lot of stuff together. So, on the ride we picked up Granny Hennie and I was really curious what we were going to do. It turned out we went to the ferry at Hoek of Holland to visit Park Hall. I love going to PH but I hate the ferry and this time I was the only doggy in the kennels. I felt really sorry for myself.

The next morning mummy, daddy and Granny Hennie came to pick me up and I finally got a chance to do my toilet. I refused to do it on the ferry. After breakfast in Clacton, we went to the beautiful Park Hall and we were greeted by mummy Trish who gave us all big hugs and kisses. As we were so tired, Trish showed us our room for the week and look; it was wonderful. Ours was called the Monk’s room.DSC00176I finally found out why we were back at Park Hall; Granny Hennie would be the new human of Poppy. How cool! They were so happy to see each other again.DSC00193But it was a rather tiresome day as I had not had a good night’s sleep on that boat. The sea was very rough and I hated being all alone in that noisy room. So I took a lovely nap on the couch, surrounded by all those lovely pillows.DSC00189There was a piano in the room Trish gave to us as a family room, so daddy played some piano, which was quite relaxing….DSC00186It was quite soothing, plus there was a delicious smell in the house. Turns out Trish made this delicious roast as a welcome dinner. But you probably guessed it… I got nothing.

After dinner we went to bed, because we were all knackered and full of delicious goodies.

Read my next blog for a day by day account of our visit.

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