Bladder infection…again

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It started yesterday. It hurt when I had to pee. But being a doggy, I couldn’t tell mommy and daddy.
They noticed something was wrong with me, but they didn’t know what. When I had to go outside this morning and was crying at the front door, mommy had a faint idea that it could be my bladder.
I peed more than normal, but the give away was when I wet mommy and daddy’s bed. Sweet as they are, they weren’t mad at all.
Daddy took me outside again and with a spoon he caught some of my urine. There was blood in it, so mommy was pretty sure it was a bladder infection and while she called the vet, daddy brought my pee to the vet.

After about an hour the phone rang and it was the vet to confirm what mommy and daddy already thought. So mommy went to the vet’s office to get some medication for me.
I’ve got painkillers which are yummy and anti biotic which is yucky. Mommy first tried to give them to me in a little bit of cheese. Ha, I didn’t fall for that, so I spat out the pill. But then she rolled it in a slice of ham. Drat, I fell for that! But it’s going to make me better, so I have to take them.Let’s hope I feel better soon. Mommy has ordered some special herbs on the internet to prevent this from happening again. She’s not a fan of chemical pills, but as I feel lousy now, she knew she had no choice but to give them to me.

Love to you all,



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      Ik hoop het ook, mama en Poppy. Het gaat vandaag al iets beter, maar nadat Marco me had uitgelaten, moest ik weer veel drinken en toen heb ik in de kamer geplast. Maar gelukkig op het laminaat, dus het was ook zo weer weg.

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