Bunnies, where are you?

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Today was hot, again. So we spent the whole day outside on the grass in the shade.Yummy, chew stickThe upside of being on holiday is that we get more treats than at home. We got some yummy chew sticks to keep our mind off the heat. Of course when someone walks by, we have to check it out with the loud sound of our thunderous barks, tee hee.Who goes there?!All day we looked forward to our walk around the pond to see if we could catch a bunny today. First we checked out the gate where we saw them twice yesterday.The bunny gateNot a rabbit to be seen today. Well, onwards to the field around the pond.Onwards to catch us some bunniesWe could smell them! Poppy held a short pitstop to see if she could get some water from the pond, but no luck.Poppy is thirstyThe edges are just too high to reach the water. Back to bunny hunting it was…Here we come!We could smell them, but we didn’t see any.Bunnies, are you there?Poppy asked:”Bunnies, are you here?” But no answer. So on we went, searching for a scent…I smell them, do you smell them too?Today wasn’t our lucky day, so we were put back on the leash.Mommy and usOn the way back to the house I snuck underneath some shrubs cause I saw some nice folks on the other side.Attention! I don't get that at home ?They gave me lots of cuddles so Poppy joined in. They thought we were adorable and even offered mommy to doggysit us. At least now we had a highlight on our walk.

They say tomorrow will be a bit less hot. I hope so, cause daddy can’t do anything now because of his heart condition. Of course I’ll keep you all posted.

Nighty night,



P.S. I’m not allowed to say anything about mosquitos anymore, mommy’s count is 5 bites so far.

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