Charroux, here we are again

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Today was a sunny day. In fact, it was a hot day, so time to go beyond the garden to the ancient village of Charroux. We went there last year too and we all loved it so we went back.Come on, mommy, let us out of the car. We’ve got places to see.
Much better, we could already see the old tower and the shops. Hopefully they would all sell lots of food.
Picture perfect, don’t you think? Mommy and Granny Hennie went to visit a candle shop. We weren’t allowed inside so we sat outside with daddy. Then most shops closed in the middle of the day, so we went to sit on a terrace of a café. As it was hot, we got some fresh water.
Mommy and daddy had a brownie and Granny Hennie had meringues with fresh fruit. We got nothing. Bummer!
A lovely time was had by all. We smelled a lot of new smells. Yes, we even smelled the roses, tee hee.
What a lovely day.

Love from Tracey

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