Daddy Teddy Bear’s Picnic

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Today’s the day that Teddy Bear had his picnic. And new guests arrived, Steve and Mallory, all the way from the United States. Trish had made sure that daddy Teddy Bear’s table was filled with all sorts of goodies.DSC09748All the dogs were invited too and they all were tied up to this corkscrew that you can put in the ground and put leashes on. We have one too at home, but mommy forgot to pack it, so Poppy and I were allowed to walk around freely.DSC09762And daddy Teddy Bear too, of course, as this was his picnic. He even tried his best to score a bit of food.DSC09756As it was hot, Poppy and I went to the water feature to see if we could get something to drink.DSC09789Poppy is very clever and she could just about reach it. But as it was so warm, I decided to find a place with a bit more shade to relax.DSC09764After the picnic, the humans talked and talked.DSC09766But Granny Hennie snook off with Milly to have some quality puppy time. Can you blame her?DSC09802


Big lick from your Tracey, xxx

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    Toosey Norfolk

    It was a lovely day Tracey and I am delighted that you loved my special party days. I work very hard to make sure all our party tables are filled with goodies. Did you like your very special goody bag that I made just for you?

    Lots of Love from your Teddy Bear xxx

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