Enjoying the last few days in the garden

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As we are going home again on Saturday, it was a good idea to make the best of those last two days by spending it in the beautiful garden. I found a lovely smell.Oh yes, this is heaven.What a great smell. Let’s roll around some more.Almost done.Yes, that’s the life. Having these great smells and lovely grass to roll around in.So, what’s next on the agenda. Oh yeah, we have cows to play with.Mommy and daddy are not keen on me trying to play with those big beasts, so they whistle to get me back and that is a great excuse for me to run like the wind.I so love it here and so does everyone else. There are nice spots to sit all over the garden, but my mommy and daddy prefer the shade.Au revoir, Mourreuille, we’ll be back in 2019 after Granny Hennie has moved to her new home. Or maybe mommy and daddy will secretly take me next year and don’t want to tell me yet, tee hee. Paws crossed.



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