Guarding Granny Hennie

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I may not be part of the Pawsome Avangers anymore (since mommy left Facebook), but that doesn’t mean I don’t protect my loved ones anymore.

Today mommy and I went to bring Granny Hennie her weekly groceries. They are delivered to our house and Granny just needs a little bit so mommy orders it for her so they don’t have to go out to the supermarket together.

Poppy and I were cuddling Granny Hennie when we saw a car pull up. CuddlingWell, you can understand this needed investigating and a whole lot of noise.

Didn’t we do a good job protecting Granny? As a treat we went on a walk. Granny has a bush that attracts loads of butterflies, so mommy tried to take a picture of one. It wasn’t easy as they kept flying away, but in the end she managed to capture one on camera. Butterfly

It was already warm today but they predict a heatwave for tomorrow. Oh no! Of course I’ll keep you posted.



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