I got hurt

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After the lovely morning at Amy and Oscar’s cottage, mommy and Granny Hennie decided to sit out in the gazebo with Poppy and myself. But because of, you know, we weren’t allowed off the leash anymore. So we were just enjoying the sunshine…DSC00473Poppy was loving the sun too and we were just looking at the birds and the insects.DSC00474When all of a sudden, we saw Len’s cat (Len is the handyman at Park Hall), so we decided to chase it. Oops, we both forgot we were on the leash, so after 5 meters, the line ended. I twisted my knee and I gave a loud scream. Mommy got very frightened, but I seemed fine after that.

Soon we were joined by more humans and puppies too.DSC00423Daddy had a lovely cuddle with little Bessie.DSC00431And of course, being the ladies man that he is, daddy Teddy Bear tried to stick his tongue into Annemarie’s throat, teehee.DSC00439I think it was for the yummy cookies Annemarie had made, daddy couldn’t keep his hands off them and ate half the tray.DSC00442Ebony and Milly played a game of chase.DSC00448And Bessie played peacefully in the grass.DSC00460Of course all were caught on camera. Not only by mommy but also by Trish.DSC00458But in the evening, my leg started to hurt more and I needed rest as I was limping now.IMG_1963Mommy and daddy were very worried about me and decided if I hadn’t improved in a few days, I needed to go to the vet. So I really hoped it wouldn’t come to that.

Tracey signing off, feeling very sorry for herself.

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