I hate the heat!

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The weatherman wasn’t lying, it’s 30 degrees C outside and inside too. Granny Hennie takes us out into the garden in the morning when it’s still doable, but the rest of the day we spend indoors.
Granny Hennie and mommy went to a farmshop called “de Kopermolen” (the Copper Mill) today.
Farmshop "de Kopermolen"We were not allowed to come as it was a working farm. They have cows, chickens and even a pot belly pig! Pot belly pigThey bought all kinds of goodies like milk, buttermilk, cream, apple pies, mustard and dried sausage for daddy. But when I looked through the pictures, guess what I saw, shock and horror?! Mommy was cuddling a strange cat! Mommy with a strange kittyThey had two more of those little ones. Mommy thought she had died and gone to heaven. Can you imagine?! It made her miss Mocha and Pepper who had to stay at home. Well, two more days and then we’ll see them again. Although I quite prefer it here, except for the heat….

Lucky for us, we go round the pond every evening just before sunset, when it’s a bit cooler. Poppy smelled a bunny in the bushes round the pond. She chased it out so I could catch it…

Too bad it was too fast for me… again ?
Maybe tomorrow…


A sweaty paw from Tracey

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4 Responses

  1. TLou
    Tracey McMillan

    Oh my, it is hot there and I’m quite surprised. It has actually cooled a bit here.

    Congratulations on GREAT team work, Poppy and Tracey. I love how you worked together on that bunny snuffing!! Sorry you didn’t catch him this time, Tracey. That was a big bunny and very fast.

    Hope it cools down some soon for you all.


    • Tracey

      It was so very hot, it wasn’t funny anymore. Today is nice and cool and as far as I know, the hot weather is over now.

      It was good team work, wasn’t it? But in the end, we didn’t catch one single bunny. They were too fast and they made holes everywhere to hide in.

      Enjoy your weekend, sweet Tracey and Daisy, xxx

  2. Avatar
    Alison Taylor

    Glad you enjoyed your adventures ..Barney sends lots links Tracey it’s his Birthday today xxx

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