I made new friends

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It was still hot today but mommy and daddy asked me if I wanted to go with them to visit their old friends, Mark and Lenny. I had never met them before but I never say no to a new adventure.

After a short drive in the car we arrived at their house. And they have a great rug! I just loved going through it with my nose, you’ll never know if I find a leftover crumb! I love this rugAnd then something wonderful happened… These two gorgeous, sweet girls come home and they instantly loved me. I was so glad to meet them that I started running through the living room from pure excitement. Delinda, the youngest, went to get me a ball and we started playing outside.

Soon Nikki joined us and when mommy said I can’t jump on things, they didn’t believe her and put it to the test.Playing ball with Nikki and DelindaThey put the ball in the flowerbed.Nope can't reach itI tried to reach it…Could you please get the ball for me?But then I turned to the girls trying to tell them I couldn’t reach it, so they got it for me while giggling.

As the sun was already setting, we went back inside where we played some more.Kissing DelindaI love my new friends so I gave Delinda a big lick on her nose. Sadly she had to go to bed then but as there were snacks on the table, I put on my begging face.Can I get some of what's on the table?As usual no one fell for it, but I sure had a great time.

Thank you Mark, Lenny, Nikki and Delinda. I hope to see you again soon.



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  1. Avatar
    • Tracey

      Hoi Mark, we gaan eerst op vakantie, maar daarna komen we de Tsum Tsums voor Nikki en Delinda brengen en dan wil ik graag een koekje van je.
      Lik van Tracey aan jullie allemaal ❤️

  2. TLou
    Tracey McMillan

    Hi Tracey girl!!

    Looks like you had a very good time making new friends!! Thank you for sharing it with us!! <3

    • Tracey

      I absolutely adore the girls. After our holiday we’ll meet up again as mommy has ordered them presents. Big lick to you and Daisy, xxx

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