I met Guinea Pigs today

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Remember my dear friends Nikki and Delinda? Well, their mommy and daddy, Lenny and Mark, were so nice to invite us and Granny Hennie round for dinner. I love playing with the girls. Delinda had a delicious cookie and if I say so myself, she and I would do quite well at a dog show (except the part where I fall on my back).

But then I discovered something really interesting; little squeaky toys that move and they call them Guinea Pigs.
I had never seen such creatures, I was mesmerised by them. First I just watched, but I got so excited, I wanted to play with them (and eat them).

So I started yelping and barking and crying and it drove mommy mad. Lenny had made the most delicious Indonesian food, a whole table full of it, but I wasn’t even interested in the food, just the Guinea Pigs. So mommy put me on my leash and tied me round her leg.
I hope we go back there real soon, but there is a good chance mommy and daddy won’t take me with them anymore šŸ™

When I got back home, I immediately fell asleep. One guess what I was dreaming about, tee hee.


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