Lots of pressies!

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The post lady came today with a special envelope. When mommy opened it, it was full of pressies from our friends, Beverly and Baxter, all the way from Scotland.
Of course I had to smell them.
Look, there was one with my name on it. From Baxter It was this awesome duck. Mommy tried to make pictures, but I just wouldn’t sit still. So mommy went on to the next present. It was for the cats?!
It was the one that smelled so nice and there were nice meaty treats in there. Mommy, I want some of those treats.
But she didn’t give me any. The last present was for mommy and daddy. A tea towel with even more cats!
And on top of that a card with something that resembled me a couple of weeks ago, tee hee. And also this lovely magnet.
As mommy had some paperwork to do, we went to Granny Hennie’s house in the afternoon, so mommy brought the duck for us to play with. Poppy loved it immediately, but I had other things on my mind. Like, where were the leftovers of Poppy’s treats.

We ended up running round the room with the duck together and we had tons of fun. Sadly, the duck did not survive. But we sure had fun with it and maybe I can steal a treat or two from the cats.

Beverly and Baxter, thank you so much for your generosity. Be sure to watch your mailbox next week. Mommy’s got some things for you too.

Love and hugs from Tracey,

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  1. Avatar

    What a very squeaky duck and great tail wagging Poppy ? So glad the duck got a good chewing ? happy times

    • Tracey

      There were two sqeakers in it and Poppy did her best to kill them both, tee hee. Then we run around the room with it, playing tug of war. We had so much fun. Sadly, the duck didn’t survive as we ripped it open and then pulled the stuffing out. What great fun we had. Thanks again Beverly and Baxter. We loved every minute of it ❤️❤️❤️

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    Tracey McMillan

    Looks like you had tons of fun Tracey and so nice of Beverly and Baxter to think of you and send you such nice things all the way from Scotland!!! Give my love to mummy, daddy, Hennie, Poppy, Mocha and Pepper. Love you all so much!!

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    Alison Taylor

    oooh what a nice surprise Tracey and poppy.. Nice to see you enjoying your present xx

    • Tracey

      It was so nice of Beverly and Baxter. And we didn’t expect anything so it was an extra surprise. Poppy still has the duck, although the squeakers are gone and so is the filling, but she won’t give it back, so I decided to let her keep it.

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