Making sweet music with daddy

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Today I wanted to give you a look behind the scenes of daddy making music. But as I’m such a gifted little dog, it turned into something more than that.DSC09918Of course it was time for cuddles first. I need my daily dose of quality time with both mummy and daddy.DSC09919Then it was time for daddy to show me how it all works. Very complicated stuff as you can imagine. Daddy has lots of instruments and a computer with special music software called Cubase.DSC09928I soon got the hang of it and asked daddy if I could play a bit too. “Of course” said daddy and he let me play on this fabulous bright red synthesizer.DSC09933Daddy and I make great music together. I’m sure you’ll gonna love it once our album is out. Daddy’s “artist name” is Zwoekie, but I think this will be Zwoekie and Tracey, as my input is of the utmost importance.DSC09935Well, dear fans, time to make some more music. See you next time.

Lots of licks from Rockin’ Tracey


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