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A city trip today, to Montlucon. It’s a big city for these parts and it has a Medieval city center where we’re going.
Montlucon itself is a very busy city with lots of traffic, so we were glad we had arrived in the center where it was nice and quiet. The first thing you see is Château des Ducs de Bourbon, or the castle of the Dukes of Bourbon.
We went onwards from there and the streets got more narrow as we went on.
The buildings were very old, some dating from the 15th century. As we got up the hill, we saw a beautiful garden, called Wilson Garden.
Daddy was doing dangerous stuff to catch it all on film.There were lots of spots to take pictures. Granny took one of mommy and daddy, me and Poppy.
As we wondered back, we came across an icecream shop, so mommy went in to get some. She also saw some nougat and then she got the bill. Nearly € 46,-
That was quite a shock to the system!
As we concluded our round through Montlucon, we had gotten quite thirsty and we always carry water and an extra bowl with us.
Well, it’s nearly time to go home. Tomorrow we’ll be cleaning and packing our backs and we’re leaving for Val d’Europe on Saturday.
Thank you Moureuille cottage, we had a blast and we’ll be back next year



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