More suprises!!!

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Today Trish asked us to come to the big house as she had a surprise for us. So I was all excited and when we got there, do you know what it was? Another puppy! Her name is Bessie and she is just as gorgeous as little Milly.DSC00209 (2)And there were even more surprises to come; Robin, Patricia, Mr. John, Ms.Gillian and my friends Amy and Oscar came too, yaaaaaay! Amy and I met last October and we were instant friends.

DSC09853And she hadn’t forgotten about me! I was really happy to see her again. Of course we all had a good cuddle.DSC00203I even got a special hello cuddle from Ms. Gillian as we hadn’t met before.DSC00205
Mr. John met the lovely puppies, Milly and Bessie. There’s a 93 year age gap between them! Can you imagine?DSC00224
Of course everyone wanted to meet the new puppies, so did mommy and Trishia.DSC00214
But then mommy got greedy and wanted them both.IMG_1953
Hey! You’ve already got me, no need for more puppies! I am all the dog you need, mommy.


A little jealous paw from Tracey


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