My beautiful family

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Today I got to meet my new brother and sister, Marley and Bella. I had already met Button, my half-sister from Aunty Zippy and daddy Teddy Bear and a weird looking Norfolk called Ebony, who were both awesome as they loved to play with me. And Aunty Suzy Crumble wanted to play with me too. So much fun.DSC00258But it was a real surprise when Trish walked in the room with these two little puppies in her hands. Let me see them! Let me see them! Can we play?DSC00287The room was quite full with all the dogs, but mummy loved it. She was covered in dogs.DSC00298Daddy Teddy Bear did his best to woo my mummy. Trish even walked in on them giving each other a kiss (in mummy’s defence, she thought it was me and she had her eyes closes but daddy Teddy Bear secretly took my place). It’s a good thing Trish didn’t have her camera on her, tee hee.DSC00300But I mean, my daddy Teddy Bear is a gorgeous Norfolk Terrier. Just look at his good looks. Lucky for me I inherited them.DSC00266But I also love my beautiful mummy Ruby very much. I have a lot of her character in me.DSC00336And my daddy Marco loves me so much, he always gives the best cuddles!DSC00335But the best bit about this visit was the Puppy Pack as mummy calls us: Ebony, Button and me.DSC00397We just love to play together. Mummy shot a lot of videos, but a lot of them are us in the frame for a few seconds and then running out of the room, tee hee. But here’s a good one of me playing with Button, Ebony and even daddy Teddy Bear.

And Trish even had another surprise. She had a little Pug puppy she called Pugsy.DSC00401Sadly I couldn’t play with Aunty Sasha because she’s ill. She had good days and bad days. Lucky for us, the day we had after this one, was a good one.

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