My friend Acaymo and I have a new job

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Today we were invited by Miss Jørna of the school I had my puppy class to be photographed for her new website. As I didn’t want to go alone, I asked my friend Acaymo to join me as he went to the same school. We drove with Acaymo’s mommy, Manon, to the school ground.We really aren’t the type of dogs to sit still for long, so it was a good thing many snacks were brought. Manon had delicious dried chicken stomachs.
The only problem was, once I knew there was food, I didn’t want to pose at all. I just wanted more snacks.
Miss Jørna had brought her big camera, but she had no treats, so I wasn’t really interested. Mommy hopes she didn’t take too many pictures of my butt, LOL.Acaymo is a much better listener than I am and he did his best to pose for the camera.
The pictures mommy managed to take were mostly of me looking up…Or looking down to find treats, tee hee.
But eventually mommy managed to take a half decent picture of us.
As Miss Jørna was in all kinds of poses to get us on camera just right, I’m sure she managed to get some good shots.All that modelling makes a small doggy very tired. So after about half an hour we went home and I took a well deserved nap. I need my beauty sleep now, you know.
I will keep you posted when our picture will be online on the Hondeninstructieschool website. But Miss Jørna, if you ever need a model again, you can always call my agent: mommy Jolanda.



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    • Tracey

      Yeah, how about that. Who would have guessed? Well, mommy cause she thinks I’m the prettiest dog in the world, tee hee.

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