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Mommy installed a new little program for my blog on Saturday, but now all the photos of the posts made in the old blog program have disappeared from their posts.

As mommy is in bed with the flu now and I’m keeping her company, it will take a few days before the old photos will be restored. I know those pages aren’t visited often, but just in case somebody new has found my site, they will be restored soon, so please check back next week if you want to read them.

Thank you for your patience.

Much love,



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    Alison Taylor

    Hi Tracey hope Mummy feels better soon. Auntie Alison has got labyrinthitis at the moment and its taking ages to get better! xxxx,s to you all

    • Tracey

      Mommy is feeling better now, she had a stomach bug. We all hope you feel better real soon too.

      Love and kisses from Tracey and family, xxx

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