Playing with Poppy

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Mommy has been suffering from a throat inflammation for 5 weeks and she’s bored of sitting inside. So as the weather was nice, we went to Granny Hennie’s house to sit in the garden.It was lovely in the garden. I had a great time putting my nose in the grass, hunting for ants.Bumblebees were busy buzzing around the flowers. But we suddenly had different priorities. Mommy got a popsicle.At first Poppy was a bit shy to lick it. But she enjoyed the taste so much, that didn’t last long.She loved it! I think Granny needs to pull out the popsicles every times it’s hot now, teehee.

It was really good seeing Poppy again. We hadn’t seen each other in ages. I hope next time won’t take this long.

Big paw


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    Tracey you had a popsicle your a lucky ?.
    Right now all of us are on our deck with our mom enjoying the evening.
    Wednesday Demetri and Victoy “Muffin” are getting stripped!
    Enjoy your day with poppy give Mum and Dad a dog kick from us?
    Demetri, Smoot, Imp and the Queen Victoria

    • Tracey

      Hi Nina,

      I don’t mind being stripped cause the girls at the groomer’s are all sweet. And in this hot weather it’s better not to have much hair.
      Is it hot where you live too? You’re so lucky to have that beautiful big garden. In 2 months time we will go to France and have a big garden too, just for Poppy and me to enjoy. I will tell you all about it when I’m there!

      Love ❤️

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