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Sorry it’s been so long since my last post. A lot, a whole lot has happened. Granny Hennie moved house, we went to France, mommy and daddy’s health took a turn for the worse and as a cherry on the cake, I’ve been very ill and needed an operation.

Mommy will update my blog from the previous post to today, but that will take a while as you can imagine. So please have a bit of patience, we’re working on updating and keeping you posted as a whole lot has changed lately.

Much love,


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  1. Avatar

    We missed the blog🐾.
    Hope you feel better today 🐾
    Demetri, Smoot, Imp. Victoria

    • Tracey

      I do feel a lot better. Mommy’s sorry she couldn’t work on my blog but she is already uploading loads of photos from the past year, so she will gradually fill in the gap.

      Love and a big lick, Tracey

      • Avatar

        Great news Tracey 🐾
        The gang is so excited for photos and so happy you feel better ❤️🐾

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