Spa day

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Today Poppy and I were picked up early as we got ourselves a Spa day. Nutmeg was also joining us and after yesterday, I really needed a break.
While we were being pampered, the humans were invited at Park Hall for a big breakfast.11187824_465612910282136_8743360294534893414_oDaddy, who was still hurting pretty bad, had the full English breakfast.DSC00696Granny Hennie started with an artwork of fruits and then had a full English breakfast too.DSC00688After breakfast, mommy got her some more puppy cuddles. I can’t blame her, I like puppies too. And Milly is really sweet and playful.DSC00723But this is something you really need to see. I got stripped properly for the first time and look at me! I’m gorgeous!DSC09691Poppy is looking marvelous too!DSC09706She’s turning into a proper super model!DSC09737This was just what the doctor ordered for a broken heart.

A clean paw from Tracey


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