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Hi all,

I know it’s been a while since my last blog, but compared to Park Hall, home is not as exciting, especially when it’s raining all the time. So, you might wonder what I’ve been up to since we got home. Well, first thing I did was sleep.DSC086171After my spaying operation and two weeks in England, I needed a lot of sleep. Fortunately for me, so did mummy and daddy, so we did a lot of sleeping together.DSC08614Funny enough, Pepper missed me like crazy and she gave me the warmest welcome you can imagine. IMG_1917We are great pals now and although she lets me lick her, I still like to chase her. But then again, she loves playing too and she often challenges me to chase after her.IMG_1916Oh, and mummy bought me a coat. This was my initial reaction:019c0f74f5adf442b5c3035e9bbf882373bfe0e925I felt very sorry for myself. Until we went outside where it was raining and we met other dogs who didn’t have a coat on and got all wet.0136451f181c4ccbab3561134cd42416882e520773No, that man in the picture is not my daddy, he’s the owner of one of the pugs and the black dog on the left. The pug on the left is Carlino, he’s my friend. We often meet on our walks.01d3179a26be3094f54af37f84cc5bb86e62aacb71My jacket even lights up in the dark. Mummy tried to make a picture with a flash, but I was too fast, so my head is only half in the photo, teehee. But you can see that I have a paw print that you can see in the dark on my behind, on both sides. So I should be safe this winter.

Well, I do hope something more interesting happens soon, like a trip to Twente. Until then, stay dry!

Big lick from your Tracey,



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  1. Avatar
    Park Ford

    Darling Tracey,

    You look so wonderful in your new coat! Much needed in all this wet weather…….we all just get wet here, especially today as it has poured and poured all day. Even mummy Trish got soaked today and was not amused as she had to rush and get changed and dry her hair before welcoming all today's arrivals!

    Love you lots from your daddy Teddy Bear!

  2. Tracey

    Hi daddy,

    I didn't like my coat at first, but then I got outside and everything was wet and I stayed lovely warm and dry. Mummy Jolanda doesn't want me to get sick after my grooming session as I don't have the top layer of my hairy coat anymore.

    Shall I ask if mummy orders coats for you too? And one for mummy Trish. She could use one too.

    I hope you'll have lots of fun with your new guests and please give a big lick to my lil sis and my two new brothers.

    Love ya,


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