We have to go home now

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We have to go but we don’t want to. All the humans are packing stuff and we know what that means and we don’t like it one bit. It’s time to leave this paradise called Mourreuille and the beautiful garden.We stayed the night in a hotel in Évry and they had a great steakhouse there. You can’t see us, but we’re under the table. Daddy was holding me.And Granny Hennie was holding Poppy (who was barking at this little girl who walked by, tee hee).Mommy had ordered entrecôte but forgot that there was this edge they leave on there to keep the meat juicy. Well, that’s a shame now. What to do with that? I know, give it to Poppy and me. As my mommy is very sweet, that is exactly what she did. So we all enjoyed our evening.
Sadly the night was terrible as the hotel was next to this super busy highway and people inside were making a lot of noise.
The next day we drove back home and I must say, I miss my grass. I miss my cows and I miss my horses. I want to go back!
Hopefully soon.

Till next time,

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    I have thoroughly enjoyed the photos from your holiday. It looks lovely and peaceful there. I know you will miss it. XXOO

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