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As it rained yesterday, we didn’t do much. But today the sun was out again so time to walk in the forest. Yippee, the forestDaddy and Granny Hennie joined us.Daddy and grannyAnd mommy too.Mommy and her mommyWe came across a little door in a tree. Maybe a fairy lives there, so we knocked on the door.Anybody home?Sadly no one was home. A big spider was home and he had caught himself a mosquito.SpiderThere are a lot of mosquitos in the country this year because of the gentle winter we had. All the humans have been bitten already and mommy hates them! Anyway, onwards.In linePoppy was enjoying herself very much. Look at that smile on her face.PoppyI was nearly attacked by a nasty German Shepherd. He scared me very much. But thankfully there were nice doggies too.A doggy!Like this Poodle. He wanted to play with us.New palAnd back at the holiday park we made a new friend called Diezel.Our new pal DiezelHe was adorable, I hope we’ll see him some more so we can play together.
Granny had a craving for icecream so we went to sit on the terrace. Daddy was trying to hide behind his icecream. Silly daddy ?Daddy, you can't hide!Mommy, I like icecream too…Mommy, can I have some?And Poppy wouldn’t mind a bite either.I wouldn't mind a bit eitherAll in all we had a fab day. And we’re not going home yet!

Paw from Tracey

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    TGIF!! You’re holiday looks very relaxing, my Tracey dear. Tell Mummy that I don’t like mosquitoes either and we have lots of them here.

    • Tracey

      Our holiday is more relaxing than we’d like because of the heat.
      Mommy’s mosquito bite ount is now 9. She despises them. She has tried all the available creams again but nothing helps. Do you have any good tips for mommy to keep them away?

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