Wet walkie number two

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Yesterday we had a day of rest as both mummy and daddy had pain. But today they felt better and it was time for another walkie. Mummy put on her wellies she had bought on our last visit to Essex and it was a good thing she did too, as it was lovely muddy and wet again.DSC00578Daddy joined us too this time, it was the first time he came on a walkie with us.DSC00572Look at all that gorgeous mud, I just love walking through all the puddles.DSC00552And what’s better than walking with your family.DSC00564We had lots of fun. And of course daddy had to do the crazy picture thing again, silly daddy.DSC00586Trish was doing funny things too this morning, lying on the floor, cuddling us all. Bella and Marley were very interested in her glasses and I just wanted a front row seat to see all the action.IMG_1687

All in all a great day! Sadly tomorrow will be our last.

Big lick,


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