What a day!

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The day started out relaxed. We were supposed to drive to the river to dip our toes in it. But the phone rang and Martin, the owner of the cottage, asked mommy if she wanted to take some measurements of the pool so he could make a cover for the pool. No problem, she just needed something to measure with. Not a problem either, one of the Dutch neighbours would have a tape measure. Just go right at the end of the driveway and then the first left.

So mommy took the car, right first, then left. Oops, wrong left. She ended up at a deserted farm. As she can’t drive backwards because of her neck, she thought it would be a good idea to turn the car. It turned out not to be such a good idea.

The front tires got stuck in a ditch. The car wouldn’t move forward or backward. So mommy called daddy. Daddy tried while mommy pushed. No luck. Fortunately a car stopped behind them and two Dutch people got out. Mommy and the nice mister and misses tried to push, but no luck. So the nice gentleman took mommy to another Dutch person to get some rope and a tape measure.

Daddy had put a towing bracket to our car and connected the rope to the car of the gentleman. Then he pulled and our car was free again. Yippee. No damage, just dirt and mommy’s ego a bit bruised.

To say mommy and daddy were pleased is an understatement. They drove back to the cottage and decided they had enough excitement for one day. Mommy measured the pool, took some pictures of butterflies. And of me of course. All was hunky dory.

But the the horses came and I wanted to play with them. Mommy and daddy were not pleased, to say the least. Oops.

They both ended the day with a headache. And me… I had a lovely nap by the fire.
Hopefully less action tomorrow, just a nice, quiet visit to the river.



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  1. Avatar

    Oh my, mommy did get herself in a predicament but such nice people stopped to help. So glad everyone made it through the day. It is so lovely there!!!

    • Tracey

      Yes, mommy made an oopsie. We were all glad that those nice people helped and everyone got off without scratches. Mommy is just a bit bruised, but that will be gone in a few days.

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