What a week!

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The week started like any other week, nothing special. And then…. catastrophe!!! Facebook had it in for the Toosey Norfolk Terrier Page. First Trish got the message “Please Update Your Name” so mummy Jolanda thought it was easily fixed by changing the name to Teddy Toosey. Daddy Teddy Bear was very glad, cause now he had a page all for himself. Everything seemed to work just fine, so life went on as normal.

The next day we went to visit Aunt Ria and Uncle Pieter. Granny Hennie was there too and me and mummy came later. Of course they loved me.IMG_0429Uncle Pieter has been very ill for many years. His heart is very weak and he now has a special device that when his heartbeat goes irregular, this little machine makes sure it works normal again. Uncle Pieter is very high tech. Luckily he is recovering well, he is a medical wonder! And he knows just the right places to cuddle me.IMG_0452When we got home, panic struck again. This time Facebook deleted the Toosey page and wanted it turned into a fanpage as they want to make money out of my family. So mummy Jolanda worked for two days straight to get the new page up and running.10869573_391292207714207_2922068156054651308_o

And as a bonus and a very big surprise, I was chosen as the new member of the Pawsome Avengers. How awesome is that?!1554583_692991290722389_1892638632_n

Yours always,Tracey,

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